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Ban On Plastic!

At Knotty Pine Brewery we have banned all plastic! We now use compsitable sauce cups, biodegradable straws, and compostiable to go containers. We our very big on recycling and doing anything to help the earth. Plastic takes not only longer to disintegrate in our landfills, but is also very harmful to many animals both on land and sea. Particularly many animals in our ocean like sea turtles have been known to mistake straws for food and that causes intestinal digestion issues for them and can even result in death.

We were featured on ABC6 News for our ban on plastic straws. During the TV interview our owner Jonthan Kessler said "We were unnecessarily going through a lot of plastics and we just wanted to do our part to be conscientious”. Another initiative we took was to stop automatically giving straws to customers and only distributing them upon request. Our customers do not seem to mind at all because it allows both them and us to help the environment. All of this reduces plastic use on earth. If you want to lower your plastic use come in to Knotty Pine and support a local business who cares for the environment!

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