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How Our Restaurant Is Energy Efficient!


At Knotty Pine Brewery we care about the environment. Our owner, Jonathan Kessler said that it is important for his restaurant to be environmentally friendly in order for him to provide a safe and clean planet for his kids and grandkids to come. We buy from many local vendors like Capital City Gardens, Backroom Coffee Roasters, and Old Souls Farms. We also buy maple syrup, honey, vegetables, and fruits from the Amish community. Something that we pride ourselves in is not only caring about the environment, but also our community. We are located in Grandview, Ohio which is just West of downtown Columbus. We buy local in order to support local vendors and fellow communities since we ourselves are a local restaurant. We also support our local churches, schools, and sports! At Knotty Pine we believe it is important to provide an environmentally friendly atmosphere for our community to enjoy!


We use natural gas in order to run our kitchen appliances in the cleanest way possible. We also have a tankless hot water system which reduces energy use. Even though the customers may not know we use natural gas or a tankless hot water system, it is important for our employees and owner to use an environmentally friendly system. We like to save all of our energy to make our food :)

CO2 Reduction:

At Knotty Pine we reduce our carbon footprint by purchasing items from local vendors instead of buying from vendors across the country. This helps to reduce CO2 in forms of fuel either by truck, train, or plane. We also reduce our carbon footprint by using low efficient appliances in our kitchen. You can reduce your carbon footprint by going to Knotty Pine Brewery and spending your money at a restaurant who believes in the environment and being energy efficient.

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